Educational Toys EDT-0002

Product Description

Redpod Gifts provides you with a variety of children’s toys products that you can choose from a doll (character soft toys), cushions (pillows), and educational toys like Educational Toys EDT-0002. This toys has a unique shape with a decorative character at the top. These toys can also be used as a bracelet, as it comes with a material that can be circular in hand and certainly safe for the baby.

This toy can also be customizations to be used as a classy promotional products to your colleagues who already had a child. In addition, you can also do branding on this children’s toys by screen printing, label, or embroidery.


Products Detail

Material: Yelvo, Velboa, Soft Boa, Rasfur, Nylex, Flanel
Color: Customized
Size: Customized
Branding: Silkscreen Printing, Label, & Embroiderry