Ride-on Character BCY-0012

Product Description

Playing with imagination who assisted with toy character super hero cool and can ride a real dream of the boys, especially if the super hero is a super hero in love, the boys will be more happy and excited to play.

Redpodgift as a provider of souvenir items or promotional products trying to bring toys for the little guy with the form of cars or ride-on toys that can be manipulated and played safely. There are many cars that are the products you can get in this promotional catalogs, such as one of these products.

These products are Ride-on Car Construction BCY-0050, a child’s toy with character faces one robot is in a super hero is Optimus Prime Transformer. If your child is often seen or ever watched live action and animated series Transformer, for sure they will be happy and eager to play, because the characters in the animated shows is known to be very cool and interesting so that the child will definitely be getting cool in playing his imagination as one robots in this super hero. But the parents do not need to worry, because after all, the product of this Gift Redpod always put the safety and comfort of the baby in play.

The material used in this character toys made of plastic material that is strong and not easily damaged when played by the baby. If you have a product in your business or your business, children’s products also provide a space or place for you attach a sticker in the form of a product or business that you are living, so that this sort of thing could be one of the marketing plan or marketing activities by means simple. Discover the ride-on toys or toy in the form of cars with interesting characters such as ride-character-BCY-0032 character panda funny or ride-character-BCY-0012 with the character of angry birds is no less funny only in the catalog of toys this.



Product Description

Material: Plastic

Branding: stickers