Ride-on Character BCY-0017

Product Description

Gifts Redpod as a provider of souvenir and promotional gift items in fact continue to innovate in developing and presenting one of them by presenting promotional products for your child’s toy in the form of cars that are safe and attractive. There are many children’s toys toy cars that you can get in this promotional catalogs, such as Ride-on Caharacter BCY 0025, and Ride-on Character BCY-0024.

Ride-on Character  BCY-0017 is a child’s toy is a toy that takes the form of a cute elephant funny and interesting and very suitable for your daughter. This toy comes with accessories children’s toys are safe as a handle that can be used as a handle when memainkannnya your child from falling.

Toys for kids is made from a plastic material that is strong and not easily damaged when used by the baby. In addition, the colors in the design of children’s toys is certainly excellent color preferred by your daughter. You can also do branding or promotion in toy products, namely by attaching a sticker to the car body, place you want.


Material Products

Material: Plastic

Branding: stickers