Ride-on Character BCY-0024

Product Description

Redpod Gifts is a company in Jakarta which provide a variety of quality products specifically for you that can be used as a promotional item or promotional product that is prestigious to colleagues and even your colleagues, both at work and in your home environment. One of our products are toys that rid0on toys are safe and are also appealing for your child that you can choose here. One such product is the Ride-on characer BCY-0024

Ride-on Character BCY-0024 is one of the children’s products are funny, attractive, and safe. This toy shaped black horse, which Rid-on toy horse toy can be shaped in a way encouraged or riding can also swung. That way, your child can have fun with these toys if only at home. This material is made of plastic that is strong and durable. Additionally, you can also give your branding sticker as promotion of a healthy way.

Get this exciting toy products and please contact us here or you can see a similar toy with this toy, but with different colors such as Ride-on Character BCY-0025.



Produck Materials
Bahan         : Plastic
Branding  : Sticker