Ride-on Character BCY-0025

Product Description

As a provider of souvenir items Redpod Gifts are also able to deliver products toys with interesting characters who could ride and play safely. There are many products in the form of characters bia in ride and you can get in this promotional catalogs, such as one of these products.

This product is called Ride-on Character BCY-0025, one of the characters taken from products 3D shape of a horse that is funny and cute. This toy comes with a backrest and a pair of handles that can be hand-held by the child when they played it, these two features to become one of the key so that your child can play it safely. Moreover, if the little one could play this instrument with or without wheels, a new innovation in the world of children’s toys.

The material used in toys that can be ridden is made of a plastic material that is strong and not easily damaged when in use. In addition, the color and design of the toy is somewhat unique, funny, and friendly in the eyes of small children so that they will be very happy . You can also paste stickers of your business products are being elaborated on these toys so that he can promote your business in a subtle way. Discover the variety of toys Ride-on Character our other like Ride On Character BCY 0024 or Ride On Character BCY-0017 catalog only in this child’s toy.



Produck Description
Bahan         : Plastik
Branding  : Stiker