Ride-on Constraction Car BCY-0022

Product Description

Redpod Gifts  as a provider of promotional products bring toys for your little boy named  cars or ride-on toys that can be manipulated and played safely. There are many ride on toys car that you can get in this promotional catalogs, such as one of these products.
This product is called Ride-on Car Construction BCY-0022, this product is one of our ride-on toys that take a similar shape as a heavy construction tools. This toy comes with accessories ride on toys car  as usual, one of which is the steering wheel that can be used to adjust the direction of the toy, and also a backrest that can be used for the reliance of your boys so that they can remain comfortable in playing.
The material used in this ride on toys car is made of a plastic material which strong and not easily damaged when in use. In addition, the color and design of the ride on toys car is also almost same as the original that makes your boy feel like carrying car of the original construction heavy equipment. You can also attach sticker of your business products that you elaborated on these toys so that you cab promote your business in a subtle way. Discover the variety of toy ride-on toys such as  ride construction car bcy-0034 or ride constraction car bcy-0021 only on this catalog child’s toy.

Product Materials

Material: plastic
Branding: sticker