Ride-on Construction Car BCY-0034

Product Description

Redpod Gifts as a provider of souvenir and promotional gift items is not only present its flagship products, but Redpod Gifts also lead you the toys for your children called ride-on toys that are safe and attractive. There are many ride-on toys that products that  you can get in this promotional catalogs, such as Ride-on Car Construction BCY-0034 or Ride-On Jeep Bcy-0010.
Ride-on Car Construction BCY-0034 one of them, it takes the form of children’s toys or heavy construction or heavy equipment but not intended for your daughter because it does not fit. The toy are comes with its accessories such as the steering wheel that can twisted around, and the back of the chair which is comfortable for the child, as well as heavy equipment commonly in order to dredge sand can be used manually but still safe.
Toys for kids is made from a plastic material that strong and not easily damaged when used by your child. In addition, the colors on the design of this car is almost the same as the original so that the impression interesting and cool. You can also do branding or promotion in toy products, namely by attaching a sticker to the car body, place you want.



Product Description

Material: plastic
Branding: sticker

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