Ride-on Jeep BCY-0016

Product Description

Redpod Gifts is a company in Indonesia, precisely in Sunter, North Jakarta, which provides a variety of corporate promotional gift product to your colleagues or friends at work. One of the products that we provide for you and your colleagues are toys for children consisting of various types to choose from, ranging from character soft toys (dolls), educational toys, ball sports, to ride-on toys.

One of examples of our ride-on toys products is Ride-on Jeep BCY-0016. This ride-on toys are made of plastic material and specifically used for children aged 2 to 3 years. The design of these toys is quite unique, with yellow colored bumper in front and wheel in the upper part of the hood should make this toy car similar to the original.

You can also do branding on this products by placing a sticker on the body of these cars, be it at the front of the car or on the sides or rear.


Product Details

Material: Plastic

Branding: Sticker