4 Things to Avoid in Providing the Promotional Products

12 Jul 2019. By Redpod Gifts

There are so many strategies to improve sales. One of them is providing promotional products or merchandises. You must agree that free merchandises tend to attract more customers to come. This way, it is expected that the customers come not only to hunt the merchandise but also buy the real products to sell. Unfortunately, there are some mistakes commonly made by the company or business in term of providing merchandises. Sure, it is quite risky for the company later. So, what are things to avoid in term of promotional products? Here they are.

Providing One Product Only

If you think that one product only is enough to gain customers’ attention, that’s just wrong. In fact, it is better to provide some options to be given to the customers. There are some benefits to providing some types of products. Aside from satisfying the customers more, it also helps you to make a survey with customers as the respondents without distributing forms. It is easier for you to know their tastes this way only by looking which souvenir to be taken out first.

Randomly Choosing the Product Type

There are some products that are quite common to be used as souvenirs. They are the T-shirt, cap, mug, umbrella, and likes. It is not bad to use one of those ideas for sure. However, your choice must be based on some surveys and further discussions to meet the customers’ needs and tastes. The realms of the marketing target must be the primary consideration of this matter. If the targets are teenage girls, it looks like a doll and a cute mug are better for them than a cap. On the other hand, a housewife may love a kitchen knife and bottle opener more.

Choosing Products with High Custom Value

Particularly if your company has general marketing targets, it seems that the promotional products to choose must be general as well. For example, there is a finance company with a wide range of customers from 20 to 60 years old. So, what is the best merchandise to choose? Sure, there should not be mirrors or cosmetic pouches to women. Meanwhile, a T-shirt is also not really necessary for the company since the customers may be varied in term of body size. So, the best choice is stationary, a notebook, or flash disk. Those kinds of stuff can be used for people in any gender and age.

Low-Quality Merchandises

Well, this is also a general mistake to be done by some companies and brand owners. It is true that the merchandises or promotional products will be given for free. However, the quality must be paid attention more since it influences the general image of the brand or company. If you provide high-quality merchandises, psychologically, the customers also think that the other products to sell will be qualified also. Meanwhile, you should not underestimate the designs also since first sight is important. Once your customers are falling in love with your products, they may come to you forever.

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