5 Benefits of Bottles and Tumblers as Brand Merchandises

21 Nov 2019. By Redpod Gifts

In term of marketing and product promotion, merchandise or souvenir can be one of the most effective strategies to do. It is by giving customers free stuff like in the form of books, umbrellas, clocks, T-shirts, caps, and more. Sure, if you have your own business or probably you are included in the marketing team, this strategy should be considered applying.

But undeniably, the promotional products like having been mentioned above are quite common. If you are looking for a new and rare idea, it seems that a drink bottle or tumbler is a good choice. Both are even not options anyway, you can even bring both at once. So, what are the benefits of bottle and tumbler merchandises? Here is the list.


Although some companies and institutions may have used it, bottle and tumbler merchandises are still considered unique and different. It can be an alternative for sure if you want to give a different branding for your company or product. Besides, since it is not too common like T-shirts and caps, there are bigger chances for customers to come for them.

Cheap but Looking Expensive

If you are calculating well, the cost spent on customized bottles and tumbles are not so much different from things like T-shirts, caps, and even umbrellas. In many cases, they are even more affordable even if you have used the qualified materials. Of course, it may reduce production costs more. Interestingly, the drink bottles and tumblers tend to look expensive than any other stuff. So, they are basically good choices.


Useful stuff is more necessary for souvenirs or merchandises compared to the others. For the drink bottles and tumblers, the uses and benefits are clear enough. You can fill them with water and carry them for offices, schools, exercises, and others. In other words, many customers may just love it for the benefits given. Sure, if the merchandises given are designed attractively, it is just a plus point for your companies.


It is depending on how the users use and treat them actually. But basically, tumblers and bottles are quite durable. Particularly if the materials used are strong and qualified enough, those things can be even used for years. So, make sure that the bottles or tumblers given have multiple functions. For example, they can be used to keep the water whether it is cold and hot without damaging the materials. Besides, you can also choose environmentally friendly and safety materials. That’s also good for your brand image anyway.

Good Means of Promotion

All the companies’ merchandises must have this characteristic for sure. When it is used by a customer, other people may see and want to have one. This way, bottles and tumblers are good means of promotions as they may bring outside like accompanying the customers in the office, school, gym, and the roads while exercising. Without the customers may realize it, by bringing the bottles or tumblers, they actually have helped the related company to promote their brands or products. It is just beneficial for all parties involved for sure.


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