5 Powerful Travel Agency Promotional Gifts to Attract More Clients

14 Mar 2022. By Redpod Gifts

Giving a special gift is a good idea to strengthen the relationship between a travel agent agency and its clients. There are a lot of products you can use as a gift to your clients. Then, add a business logo on the product to become a powerful promotional tool. Check the list below to get great travel agent promotional gift ideas

Smart LED Backpack 

All travelers need a backpack. How about if you give a backpack for free to your clients? They will be very happy. The most important thing is that they will remember your travel agent and even recommend it to their friends. Imagine if you give them not only an ordinary backpack but a smart LED backpack. It seems that the backpack represents your team that always tries to help your clients. This backpack is a powerful promotional gift since users will bring it while traveling. It means more people will see your company when they see the logo in the backpack. 

A Cap 

A cap is also another simple gift idea from travel agents to their clients. This product has enough space to put your business logo. Indeed, a cap is useful to protect its users from sunlight. Travelers need this item a lot. Take this opportunity to give something beneficial to your clients. Apply interesting design on the cap, so people were confident to wear it anywhere and anytime. It is also considered an affordable travel agent promotional gift idea. Yet, this simple idea may lead you to better sales.

Food Jar 

Travelers are happy when they receive an attractive food jar for free from your agency. This product helps to keep their favorite food, so they can eat it anytime they want. Make the food jar more exclusive by customizing it with the colors and logo of your company. Anytime travelers take the jar from their backpack, they will always remember your agency. They will realize how your company cares about them. 

Vacuum Flask 

Even if travelers don’t bring a food jar, they will bring a vacuum flask. It is useful to keep water warm longer than putting it in an ordinary tumbler. Travelers who often go to the mountains, forests, historical places need this item a lot. Appreciate your clients by giving this gift. Choose an attractive vacuum flask design and customize it for promotional purposes. 


A jacket is a perfect gift for loyal clients. It is a kind of your appreciation toward them who always use your services to travel around. Like other promotional gifts above, a jacket is also useful to keep your clients warm. This item will make them more loyal and even recommend your agency to their friends. 

Nowadays, preparing promotional gifts for a travel agency is easy. A specific service, such as Redpodgift.com is ready to help travel agencies to prepare special promotional gifts for their clients. You only have to choose the items and ask them to customize them. Then, the items are ready to use as a travel agency promotional gift. Giving a high-quality gift is mean a lot to the receivers.

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