5 Unique and Economical Gift Ideas to Make Them Remember Your Brand

23 Feb 2022. By Redpod Gifts

One of the way entrepreneurs promote their products is by distributing gifts to consumers. Gifts are usually in the form of certain merchandise or souvenirs. This promotional strategy by distributing souvenirs or merchandise is very effective. Then you need gift ideas to make them remember your brand.

Well, in giving gifts to consumers, a company should not be careless. Prizes must be tailored to the market or target market, useful in the long term, adapted to certain events, and also of quality. Well, here are gift ideas that a company can use for promotion.


Calendars can also be one of the unique bonus ideas for your business customers. You can give this kind of gift at the right moment like the beginning of the year. Not expensive, calendars can be purchased at affordable prices, let alone buying in large quantities. You can prepare a budget of around IDR 5,000 per calendar, which will be given to every customer who purchases. Don't give a regular calendar, in that calendar, you can also do promotions, namely by embedding your shop or business logo, phone number, and social media addresses.


Another gift that can be given to consumers, as well as an effective advertising medium, is t-shirts. Don't forget to screen print your company name on the back. When someone wears a t-shirt, your company will be increasingly recognized. You will not spend much budget to make this gift.  

Eco-Friendly Pouches

Another gift ideas to make them remember your brand and also make customers happy is if they are given an environmentally friendly pouch or bag (for shopping). Moreover, if you design an eco-friendly pouch or bag with a unique and cute motif, the customer will be more interested in the bonus.

So, this marketing strategy is also worth a try. To make it more special, you can add persuasive words such as “shopping here, you can get a bonus in the form of a limited-edition eco-friendly pouch/bag”.

Moreover, if your market is female, they may be tempted and immediately buy your product, to get the bonus. The reason is, these two items (pouch and environmentally friendly bag), are very meaningful for women and must be used.

Key chain

This gift is suitable for young consumers. They usually make these key chains as accessories in their bags and motorcycle keys. With the company logo engraved on the gift, your company will be known by more people. The cost of making it is not so expensive as you think. 

Custom mugs with special pictures

Of course, you are also familiar with promotional sentences in the form of, buy 5 free beautiful plates or buy 3 free attractive glasses. In the business world, this is very often done by increasing the quantity or the amount in sales.

So to make it more interesting, a free item in the form of a gift will be given by the seller. Of course, this means that buyers do not hesitate to buy in large quantities. In this case, mugs can be a great business gift option. Because the cup will be very useful, and not infrequently collected if you love the brand.

Those are some gift ideas to make them remember your brand. It is a quite powerful marketing strategy. You can also give bonuses, at the beginning of the opening of your business. This is done so that your product can be more easily known and ogled by many customers.

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