Bagaimana cara untuk memilih Barang Promosi yang terbaik untuk Perusahaan

03 Jun 2019. By Redpod Gifts

Selecting and choosing promotional products for a company are actually not such difficult things. However, if it is not done properly by considering some factors, the products may not give maximum benefits for the company. In the worst case, it can be disadvantageous as well.

Based on that fact, it is reasonable if there are some steps to take before picking out a promotional product. You even need to build a team for the brainstorming for the best choice for this. So, what are the steps to conduct? Here they are.

Deciding the Marketing Targets

First of all, your team needs to determine the marketing targets of your company. There must be clear descriptions related to them, for example women aged from 18 to 40 years old from the upper social class or teenage boys from 10 to 20 from any realms. The more detailed it is, the better it will be. This way, you can choose the right promotional products for them.

Useful and Qualified Promotional Products

Sure, there are so many things to be used for promotional products. But the main question is; are they really necessary for customers? In fact, many customers choose not to take the products since the products will only be useless. So, make sure that the products are really useful including mugs, caps, T-shirts, tableware, notebooks, and more.

Furthermore, being useful only is not enough. The promotional products must be qualified and not easily broken. Indeed, whether the products are damaged or not, it is basically based on the way to treat them. However, it is much better if since the beginning, the products are known to be stronger. Anyway, you may need to spend more budgets for them but it is just relevant to the benefits later.

Beautifully Designed Products

No matter how useful and qualified a product is, the customers may not want to see it only at a glance if the design is bad. It is indeed all about the taste. So, make sure to discuss the design very well with your team to find a good design. It is even necessary to provide 2 or 3 designs at once. The multiple designs are also functioned as the survey, which one among them that is liked the most by customers.

The Company Logo

Aside from being attractive, the design of merchandise must be in line with the company logo. You should think more about how to make the logo can be clearly seen but not too much there. When the logo itself becomes a plus point, it is just perfect.

The Best Vendor to Choose

Lastly, make sure to cooperate with a trusted and credible vendor or supplier. Therefore, the products are really good or even better than your expectations. The vendor must also give the best services and prices. Of course, you have to customize and order them in bulks. When the products and services given are less than your expectation, don’t be doubtful to use another service for the next.


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