Effective Ways to Boost Your Business Branding by Using Promotional Soft Toys

08 Mar 2018. By Redpod

Promotional plush is considered as an effective way to improve business branding. Business experts predict that promotional plush will be more and more popular because business owners or companies get more benefits from this method. The main reason is because plush gives emotional feeling to the customer and it makes your business easy to remember. Let’s learn more about branding methods by using promotional plush.

Free Gift Using Promotional Soft Toys

One of the best ways to improve your business branding is by giving free gift in a form of promotional soft toys. To make it more profitable for your business, you can give the promotional soft toy after your customers buy in a specific amount or pieces. Let's say, after buying 5 different items of your product, the buyers get the promotional soft toy for free. Don’t underestimate this classic branding method. Customers always love something free including a soft toy. They will love to spend more money to buy 5 different items to get your cute promotional plush. 

Add Your Business Logo or Company

The reason why most business owners or companies are using soft toys as their promotional tool is because it is customable. In this case, you can ask the soft toy manufacturer to add specific logo of your business or company. The model varies such as an accessory printed on the t-shirt of the toy, small size of your logo put on the part of the toys, and many more. 

Free Gift Quiz

Answering quiz is also a good way to boost your branding and to get significant impact, you can add soft toys as a special gift for the lucky customer. Try to create questions related to your company or business and let customers or people to answer it. Collect the right answers and find some of the lucky answerers. Give the promotional soft toy as the special gift.

Soft Toy Mascot

You can also make your mascot looks real. Customers will love if your mascot can be touched and it is strongly related to the emotional feeling between your company and your beloved customers. Creating a soft toy or promotional plush mascot is also the way to get closer to your loyal customers or new people who might be your customers. Soft toy makes your business mascot standout in the crowd. Make it as funny and as cute as possible to grab attention from customers or people. Interestingly, creating and giving soft toy mascot is believed as an affordable promotional way but with effective result. 

By reading the information above, now you have more reasons why you have to use promotional plush or soft toys to boost your business and company. This kind of way will be great not only to increase people’s awareness toward your products and services, but also to boost your income because more and more customers will memorize your products and services only because of the promotional soft toys you gave. For those who want to order promotional soft toys or merchandise, you can find the information at redpodgift.com. This is a factory which supports you with various high quality promotional soft toys and souvenir in Jakarta and other cities in Indonesia.

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