Enjoy Your Travelling With The Stylish And Functional Travelling Accessories (Lifestyle)!

17 Mar 2020. By RedPod Gifts

Traveling sometimes makes you excited at the same time lazy to pack things for travel. Even though your preparations are brief or your luggage is limited, make sure you bring the following traveling accessories (lifestyle) so that your trip is always stylish and still functional.



This object can function for destinations with cold or hot climates. In addition to being a neck warmer, it can also enhance your appearance. Prepare several sizes and patterns of scarves to match the clothes and weather equivalent in your vacation destination. Go to a religious location? Scarf/shawl/ pashmina can also be used to cover the head when traveling to a house of worship that requires you to wear closed clothes. 



It doesn't need much explanation for this one object, besides being an antidote to the heat of the sun, sunglasses will also make the appearance more prime. With a variety of different color glasses, it never hurts to bring some sunglasses to match the clothes you carry.



This accessory is required to cover bad hair days. For those of you who have limp hair, bandanas can be a help, especially if traveling to hot places or tropical weather. Bandana is now also popular again with a variety of styles. If you travel by bicycle or motorcycle, bandanas can also be used as a mask to prevent air pollution.



For you lovers of accessories, the necklace may have entered into your default list. When traveling, there are several types of necklaces that need to be carried. From simple necklaces with neutral colors to matching statement necklaces combined with plain clothes. The necklace can also be a savior when you have to dress up a little neatly or have an unexpected dinner. Only with a little black dress and statement necklace, voila! You are ready to party and look elegant.



Maybe you are not a fan of hats because it can damage the results of your hair blow out, but believe you need a hat when traveling to locations that are quite hot. There are various hats that can be used, from fedora, bowler, or baseball cap that can still look trendy. For the safest type, a fedora can avoid the heat of the sun while still making you in style. Remember also the protection of anti-ultraviolet rays, not only with sunscreen and sunglasses but more complete with this trendy hat.


Ethnic watches

It is perfectly normal if the watch is one of the mandatory traveling accessories (lifestyle) for the traveler, given its very important function. The appearance of a variety of watches will look beautiful in a photo with a beautiful background.

For back to nature-themed events, they usually combine with natural themed watches, for example from leather or wood to make it look more ethnic and harmonious.


Sling bag or backpack

In addition to large backpacks, travelers often also bring a small backpack to store important equipment such as wallets, cellphones, and makeup equipment. Lightweight, more relaxed, and easy to carry everywhere, a small backpack can also add cool accents in each photo. As a substitute for backpacks, travelers usually choose a cute sling bag to accompany the streets.



Reversible Jacket is everyone's favorite item. Only with a jacket, we can get a different style. Choose a jacket with a different texture and motif so that our style is more leverage.


No longer hesitate to put these traveling accessories (lifestyle) in your suitcase when you want to travel, right? Have a good vacation!

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