Find Comfortable Promotional Shirts In RedPod Gifts

03 Jun 2020. By RedPod Gifts

Have you ever heard about RedPod Gifts? If you are looking for a professional and trustworthy souvenir shop which offers a lot of various promotional products, this one is the right place. RedPod Gifts is a souvenir shop that is located in Indonesia, exactly in Ruko Royal Sunter, Jakarta, Indonesia. But if you live far away from the shop’s location, do not be worried. This merchandise shop has an official website on You will be able to find any promotional souvenirs for the needs of your promotional event, including kemeja/shirts. What shirts are available in RedPod Gifts?


Shirt And Uniform 0001

Shirts are one of the most popular items that are used as promotional merchandise. It is because this item is useful and beneficial, especially if it is made from comfortable materials. In RedPod Gifts, the shirts provided are all made from high-quality and comfortable materials. Such as cotton combed, cotton carded, PE, and also TC. Including this Shirt and Uniform 0001. If you choose this product as your promotional merchandise, you can choose among those comfortable materials to make the shirt. This product is suitable for kids, men, and women. Shirt and Uniform 0001 offered by RedPod Gifts is available in several sizes, which are S, M, L, XL, and XXL. You can also add branding to the shirt. For the branding, the options of silkscreen printing and embroidery are available.


Polo Shirt 0001

Apparel is one of the most given promotional souvenirs given by many companies. Besides shirts and t-shirts, you can also give Polo shirts as an alternative if you look for collared shirts. This apparel product is suitable to be worn in a semi-formal event. RedPod Gifts also provides Polo shirts that you can choose as your promotional merchandise. In this souvenir shop, you will be able to find ready stock polo shirts, customizable polo shirts, and so on. Just like the previous product, you can choose among 4 comfortable materials, which are cotton carded, cotton combed, TC, and PE as the material used for the polo shirts. You can choose one material that meets your company’s preferences and needs.

Polo shirts provided by RedPod Gifts are available in many various colors. This way, you will be able to match the color of the polo shirts with the color of your company’s identity. Polo Shirt 0001 comes with some different sizes which are S, M, L, XL, and XXL. This polo shirt product is also suitable for men, women, and even kids.

If you or your company has a plan to give shirts as a promotional souvenir, RedPod Gifts is willing to help you. It includes the design of kemeja/shirts. The materials of the shirts are varied so that you can adjust it to your preference and needs. You can also add the logo of your company on the shirts in the form of embroidery or silkscreen printing as well as determine the location of the branding. So, directly find high-quality and comfy promotional shirts in RedPod Gifts.

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