Impressive Promotional Souvenir: Trolley Bags

09 Oct 2020. By Redpod Gifts

Holding a promotional event is important in order to maintain your business’ branding as well as your loyal customers. During the promotional event, you can give your customers a promotional souvenir to reward them. There are various products that you can choose as promotional merchandise, one of them is a trolley bag. A trolley bag is a suitable promotional product, especially if you run a tour and travel business. If you are searching for a high-quality trolley bag, you can find it in RedPod Gifts.

RedPod Gifts provides a lot of various high-quality promotional products at a competitive price, including a trolley bag. They are very experienced in producing promotional merchandise for a business’s branding. Here are the trolley bags available in RedPod Gifts.


Trolley Bag 0001

The first promotional trolley bag available in RedPod Gifts is Trolley Bag 0001. You can choose a material used to make this trolley bag. The materials available are canvas, parachute, rib stock, D420, D600, and also D300 Dolby. You can choose the one that meets your preference. The color and size of this product are able to be customized. This way, you will be able to match the color of the bag with your company’s color. For logo branding or company’s branding, you can choose among silkscreen printing, label, and embroidery. The location of the branding can be adjusted according to the shape of the bag.


Trolley Bag 0003

This one is not really different from the previous trolley bag. The only difference is there is already color in the front part of the bag. The colors available are purple, green, blue, and red. However, you are still able to customize the color of the bag as well as the size. Just like Trolley Bag 0001, the materials used to make this bag are D600, D420, D300 Dolby, parachute, canvas, and rib stock. The logo branding or business’ branding is the same as well. You can choose among labels, embroidery, and also silkscreen printing. If you are interested to choose this product as your promotional merchandise, the minimum order is 100 pieces.


Trolley Bag 0004

Trolley Bag 0004 is more suitable for kids. It is because of its small size and cute design. There is a picture of a bear cartoon in the front part of the bag. This product is available in blue even though you can still customize the size and the color according to your wish, just like the previous 2 trolley bag products. You can also add branding in the bag in the form of embroidery, silkscreen printing, or label.

A trolley bag is a useful product that is often used especially for traveling. This is why this product is also suitable to be chosen as a promotional souvenir. A trolley bag is also one of the products provided by RedPod Gifts. This company has been serving a lot of companies for more than 10 years in creating promotional merchandise. So, you do not have to be worried about the quality.

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