Promotional Gifts – Easy Tips to Select Your Corporate Gift for Company’s Promotion

10 Sep 2019. By Redpod Gifts

Many people believe that corporate gift plays a significant role in a company’s promotion that is usually given during a new product or service launching program. Due to its important role, the item selected to be souvenir or merchandise should fulfill several criteria. If you want to find the most suitable item for your corporate gift, here are some easy tips to help you choose.

Tip 1 – It Should be the One You Will Put Your Company’s Name on Proudly

A promotion corporate gift should be the one that you will feel proud to place your company’s name on. Why? You realize it or not, the gift will represent your company and will be associated with it a lot. So, you have to make sure that the item you choose will raise your pride once you put your company’s name on it. You also need to keep in mind that the promotion gift will speak well of your company.

Tip 2 – The Recipients Can Use It Daily

This is very important to pick up a promotional gift that comes with high aesthetic, looks beautiful and classy. But, it will double the effect if the product selected is also highly functional and can be used daily by the recipients. Psychologically, you will be able to put your company’s name on people’s mind if they can use it in daily life. Some good examples of functional promotion gift include desk clocks, coffee mugs, and personal planners.

Tip 3 - Put Your Name on an Appropriate Place

There is always a temptation that makes you want to put your name on the corporate gift and show people who you are. However, it is not something a must and you need to consider well before doing so. You may do it as long as there is an appropriate place on the promotion gift where you can put your name properly. Just do not push yourself to insist that the gift should carry your name if it can’t accommodate your wish. You don’t want people to think about it as shameless self-promotion rather than a company’s business, don’t you?

Tip 4 – Pick Up the One Associated with Your Business if It is a Corporate Gift Campaign

If the promotion corporate gift is aimed to increase people’s awareness of your brand and company, then the item selected should be the one that is easily associated with your business. This is important to give you a valuable assist to help further the association in your customers’ minds. For example, you can’t give your customers a printed pen if your business is a hardware store. It will not create a further association in the mind of your customers or resulted in an expected effect either.

Tip 5 – Consider Your Purpose

There are many reasons that people can have when they want to give a gift. Your reason for giving the promotional gift, however, should be able to convey your purpose behind it. A gift which is used to thank corporate sponsors should be different from the one used in a promotional gift to improve a brand’s recognition.


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