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24 Mar 2020. By RedPod Gifts

Holding a promotional event is important in order to keep loyal customers of the business you run. If you start opening your business, such an event will be beneficial in introducing your brand. In a promotional event, one thing that should not be forgotten or missed is the promotional merchandise or souvenirs. The promotional merchandise or promotional souvenir will keep the customers remembering your brand. Especially if you give something useful with high quality. For you who search for an experienced promotional product supplier, you can consider RedPod Gifts. Have you ever heard about this promotional souvenir company?


About RedPod Gifts

RedPod Gifts is a merchandise shop which provides many various promotional products with high quality. All of the promotional products provided in this shop are sold at a competitive price. RedPod Gifts has more than 10 years of experience in the field. So, it is very experienced in producing various unique promotional merchandise. The products offered are suitable for any promotional events, such as product launching, gathering, management training, branding, workshop, and many more. During those 10 years of experiences, RedPod Gifts has been serving a lot of famous and popular companies, such as L’oreal, Mowilex, Mayora, Nestle, Prudential, Philip Morris International, Permata Bank, Samsung, and many more.

The products sold in RedPod Gifts are categorized into several categories, which are apparel, bags, branded, children, desk clock and gift set, gadget and tools, houseware, office, and others. While the products sold are including jackets, hats, power banks, manicure sets, name card holders, ceramic mugs, umbrellas, pens, notebooks, balloons, and many others. Whatever products you look for as a promotional souvenir, you will likely find it in RedPod Gifts. This souvenir shop is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. But you can make an order through their official website on On the website, you can also find their contacts and further information.


Promotional Jackets in RedPod Gifts

As it is said before, RedPod Gifts provides various promotional products, including jackets. The jacket available in this merchandise shop is Jacket Jac-0001. RedPod Gifts provides this promotional jacket product in various sizes and colors. The sizes available are S, M, L, XL, and also XXL. This Jacket Jac-0001 is made from parachute material. Not only suitable for men and women, but this jacket product is also suitable for kids. If you choose this product, you will be able to add your business’s logo as branding in the form of embroidery or silkscreen printing. You can also determine the location of the branding on the jacket.

Jackets are one of the items which are suitable to be used as a promotional souvenir for your company or business. A promotional jacket is usually given by a company as a bundle prize for a product bought. The company that usually gives a jacket as a bundled gift is automotive companies. A jacket can also be used as a uniform. RedPod Gifts is ready to help you find high-quality and comfortable ready stock jackets or customizable jackets.

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