Things to Consider when Choosing USB Flash Drives for Promotional Merchandise

08 Oct 2019. By Redpod Gifts

Business in any size today were looking for more affordable and unique ways to promote their business. Recent years, USB flash drive with the logo-branded become so popular and effective promotional tool for any businesses. Because of their popularity, then there are so many suppliers selling them have also increased significantly. USB flash drives come in different sizes, shapes, styles, capacities and quality level. Before you purchase bulk USB flash drives, then you have to consider and asses these factors in order to help you to make the best option for the promotional needs.

The quality

The quality is the most important factor when choosing USB flash drives for your promotion. You should know that the market was filled up by the suppliers providing the low-quality products which most of them were actually unfit for the data storage. There are so many low-quality USB flash drives usually made by some manufacturers who take the shortcut or following the unscrupulous practices in their manufacture in order to lower the production cost. Giving a low-quality USB drive will cause disappointing client experience and hurting the company’s image as well. To ensure that you get the best quality, then there are some criteria that you have to consider when choosing the best quality performances.

The styles that you choose

As mentioned earlier that USB flash drives come in different styles to suit your marketing purpose and taste as well, such as lanyards, sliders, USB cards, and other popular options.

Reliable custom USB drives

If you need to get good-quality custom USB flash drives in a short period, then you have to consider the supplier who has its own manufacturing facilities. Even, there are some suppliers use the third-party so that they can fulfill the order. The suppliers who have their own manufacturing facilities usually can guarantee the turnaround time for seven days or less from your formal order to the delivery.

Logo printing options

Logo engraving and printing could be done in different ways, including photo printing, screen printing, and laser engraving. You should know that every method is suitable for any product type and material.

Storage Capacity

The USB flash drives have an incredible storage capacity. The number of storage can range from 1GB to 64 GB for more. To find out more about how much storage space you need, then you can consider many things. When choosing the storage capacity for your promotional USB, ensure that you consider the amount of file that you want to preload into those drives and extra space that you want to allocate to the personal use. At least, you have to allocate around 1 GB for the free memory space for all of your recipients.


You should know that USB accessories were a great complement for products and can add a bit of pizzazz to your promotion. There are some accessories such as key chains, boxes, lanyard neck strap and so on. By considering all those factors carefully, then you will get enough information to choose the right USB drive supplier which meet with your expectation.

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