Tips for Choosing Promotional Merchandise

26 Nov 2019. By Redpod Gifts

Every company will definitely need an effective way to introduce its products or services. In a promotional campaign, merchandise or souvenirs are often used so that the consumers will always remember the product or company that is being promoted.

Every time you want to choose souvenirs that you want to give to consumers, you will start to get confused and maybe try to think of sorting out suitable souvenirs to share. In this article, we will discuss tips for finding the best promotional merchandise that you can apply when you want to buy a promotional souvenir.

Choose useful merchandise

Look for souvenirs that are useful for your customers, for example, good bags, pens, plastic bottle, mugs flash disk, etc. If the merchandise you offer is useful and has high functionality, you can create a positive impression for the company and will make customers always remember the brand that you put on the souvenir.

Pay attention to the budget

One of the very important aspects to consider when choosing the right promotional merchandise is the company’s budget. It is not wise to let the company make excessive spending.

Adjust it with target consumers

Consumers who are the target of the products sold greatly determine the type of souvenir that will be given. For example for children's products, the right souvenirs should also be the products favored by children like a mini notebook with cartoon pictures. There is also an interesting trick in choosing the right promotional merchandise that is very different from the products being offered by the company. For example, you can give a cosmetic bag for a men's clothing product. It might look awkward, but actually, the merchandise is intended to be given to the customers’ partners.

Choose the one that is easy for a logo to be put on

The second tip is to choose the type of souvenir that is easy for your company logo to put on. It is very important to make the logo visible and clear, so make sure the souvenir has enough space to put a logo or writing about the company that you want to promote.

Choose the right vendors or suppliers

You have to be smart in choosing vendors/suppliers of promotional souvenirs because it will also determine the success of product promotion.

Consider the momentum

You should realize that there are certain moments which become the perfect timing for giving a souvenir that fits right. For example, for the new year's event, everything related to a new soul like diary or notes is perfect. For Chinese new year, accessories like coin pouch with red and gold accents are perfect to be given.

Those are the tips on how to choose promotional merchandise. Choosing the right merchandise for your company campaign is very important to make the marketing strategy carried out effectively. If you make a wrong choice or decision, you will only end up wasting the company’s budget for something that will not give a significant effect on the selling. But you do not need to worry because as long as you do the tips being explained previously, you will be able to make the promotion successful.

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