Why Custom Towels are the Best – Buying Guide

19 Jul 2021. By Redpod Gifts

Are you looking for custom towels for various occasions? Well, you are on the right page. We are a company that offers and provides a bunch of customized items for promotional and personal needs.

Whether you are looking for promotional items or unique merchandise for your company, we are here to serve. In this section, you are going to read about a personalized towel. Generally, this kind of item comes in various options.

Making a customized towel may require you to choose between a printed one or the one with embroidery on it. The choice depends on your preference but choosing embroidery over another option will give you more benefits. 

Here we are going to discuss custom embroidery, robe and towel. This would be a perfect gift for your team or loyal customers.

Embroidery looks professional

Since you are going to give the custom towels to your team or maybe for company merchandise, going with embroidery would be highly recommended. It looks more professional compared to screen printing.

Also, it gives a sense of more effort once the product is finished. Since it looks premium for a company gift, your clients would love to come back to you. And if the towel is designed for loyal customers, they would feel highly appreciated.

They last longer

Screen printing seems like the strongest opponent when it comes to the custom towel world. Other than that, screen printing costs lower compared to embroidery. However, embroidery lasts longer than screen printing options.

The writings, names, logos, or anything embroidered on the towel would stay like that. It won’t fade away due to hot water or getting too much washing – when you like something you will wear it all the time and wash it anytime needed. 

Thus, we highly recommend you stick with the embroidery custom towel especially if you want to reach a better bond with your customers or team members.


Embroidered items are versatile regardless of the purpose. You can apply embroidery on various products and projects, whether this would be company merchandise or wedding souvenirs.

Putting custom embroidery on a robe would be such a thoughtful gift. You can be personalized with your clients without being too much with embroidered products. 

Are you running a salon and spa business? Well, purchasing embroidered robes from us would be a good idea. You can choose from various materials, colors, and customize the logo. Using branding products on your business is not a sin after all.


This company is specifically established to take care of personalized items according to you and your company’s needs. In case you are looking for robes with your logo on it, you just need to give us a call.

All you need to do is to choose the size and pick the right material. Cotton is the most comfortable material both for your skin and versatility matter – don’t forget to pick the color as well. Once you are set, we can discuss the customized logo or writings for the towels.

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