Here’s our service to increase your sales through promotional souvenirs that we provide :
  • Wide range of high quality promotional souvenir products
  • Many attractive design varieties can be applied on the products
  • Customize production based on campaign and budget
  • Low – High premium products can be made upon request
  • A Lot of Stocks for some items
  • Brand awareness improvement through our exclusive products
  • Available for Jakarta, Bekasi, and Tangerang delivery


While bellow is our marketing plan products which very suitable for those who will carry out the promotion of the company or business. The products are :

  • Balloons, these tools can be made in the media promotion of your company or business in the air, so that everyone can see it.
  • Lanyards, which fits in souvenirs bearing the name of your company or business.
  • Pin, can be used as one of your marketing plan for the brand bearing the business or your business.
  • Keychains, very fit and can shape according to your business logo.
  • PP fan, with a label and is often used by many people when it was in the crowd makes this tool into a tool that is suitable marketing plan.

Those choices and marketing plan products selected above are from the many products suitable in our marketing plan, there are many products that are suitable for use as a marketing tool and it can be used appropriately and optimally.