Desk Clock 0502

Product Detail:

Material: leather
Color: brown, black
Size: 3cm x 8cm x 9.5cm
Branding: silkscreen printing


There are many types of promotional items that you can choose as a reward or promotion media. One of the premium products that your company can give as corporate gifts is deskclock. Your company can give deskclocks to important people or important stakeholders in your company, like investors, owners, directors, suppliers, etc.

One of deskclock products that we provide is Deskclock 0502. The materials used to produce this deskclock is leather while the clock is in a form of analog. In the back of the clock, there is also a space where you can put stuffs inside, like notes, namecards, pens, and so on. It's available in black and brown color. Meanwhile for the branding, you can put your company logo or name through silkscreen printing. With leather material, this deskclock looks like a premium product.

Redpod Gifts provides many varieties of promotional products. Other than deskclocks, we also provide giftsets which can be another option. With a commitment to always become the best promotional merchandise supplier, we always provide promotional products with high quality.


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Available: instock

#Kode Produk: DCK-0502