Other Toys 0001

Product Detail:

Material: Yelvo, Velboa, Soft Boa, Rasfur, Nylex, Flannel
Color: Customized
Size: Customized
Branding: Silkscreen Printing


Redpod Gifts Indonesia is a company that provides you with a variety of souvenir and promotional products qualified for colleagues, partners, customers, and other stakeholders in the company. You can see a variety of souvenir products by looking at our promotional catalog.

One of the products that we provide is custom toys for children like Other Toys 0001 that you can use as a frame for your photos with the children. This product can be customized from the materials used, like Yelvo, Velboa, Soft Boa, Rasfur, Nylex, until Flannel, until the color and the size. In addition, you can also do branding on this product by screen printing, label, or embroidery.



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Available: instock

#Kode Produk: OTT-0001