Multitools 0005

Product Detail:

Material: metal
Color: red
Size: 15.5cm
Branding: silkscreen printing


Other than promotional gadget, Redpod Gifts also provide Multitools which can be used as one of the options for promotional products. Multitools has a range of portable, versatile hand tools that combines several individual functions in a single unit. This tools is very useful especially for those whose life is always mobile, moving from one place to another or those who often go travelling either for business or leisure.

Multitools 0005 is one of our products which has a lot of functions. This product takes shape like a hammer, and it is made of metal. Meanwhile, it has some tools on the body of the product. Thus, it can be used as an exclusive gifts which contain a lot of tools in one single unit. This product is suitable to be given to your company's special stakeholders, like customers, suppliers, or investors as corporate gifts. You can also have branding of your logo or company name on the body of the products through silksreen printing.


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#Kode Produk: MTL-0005