Ride-on Character 0050

Play with imagination assisted with a cool super heroes character which could be ridden is a real dream of the boys, moreover if it is the super hero which they like, the boys will be more happy and excited to play.

Redpod Gifts as a promotional products company try to bring toys for your little boys in a form of ride-on car that could be manipulated and played safely. There are many car ride-on toy products which you can get in this promotional catalogs, such as one of these products.

Ride-on Car Construction BCY-0050 is a children’s toy with a character in Transformer movies. If your boys like watching live action and animated series of Transformer, they will be happy and eager to play, because the characters in these animation is very cool and interesting so that your boys will definitely be feeling cool in playing with his imaginary transformer robot. But the you do not need to worry, because after all, Redpod Gift always puts safety and the comfort in their toy products.

The material used in this character promotional toys is plastic material that is strong and not easily damaged when it is played. These toys also have a space for you to attach a sticker as part of your business branding. So, this sort of thing could be one of simple marketing tools. 

Product Materials

Material    : Plastic

Branding  : stickers



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#Kode Produk: BCY-0050