Ride-on Jeep 0010

Product Detail

Material: Plastic

Branding: Sticker


Not only promotional products in a form of office supplies only, Redpod Gifts also provides you with toys for your children in a form of ride-on cars, also known as ride-on toys. 

Ride-on Jeep 0010 is a ride-on toys from us which takes a form of a jeep and intended for your daughter aged 2 to 3 years. This toy comes with car accessories in general, like the steering wheel that can be twisted around and a backrest in the back of the chair that is comfortable for the child. The handle bar in the backrest can also be used by parents to pull and push the ride-on toys to control the movement of the car.

This promotional ride-on toys is made of strong plastic material and not easily damaged when it is used by your child. In addition, the colors on the design of this car is so cute and adorable and has feminine impression when she rides it. You can also do branding on this toy products by attaching a sticker to the car body, anyplace you want.


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Available: instock

#Kode Produk: BCY-0010